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To Turn The Many To Righteousness pkt. - Alter Of

Rabbi Yosef Yozel Hurwitz of Navaradok was a man of iron conviction and unshakable faith. For him, self-denial and steadfast adherence to Torah precepts were the key to raising man's soul to lofty spiritual heights. In Navaradok, he established an academy of Torah study devoted to the perfection of the individual, where students were taught to strive for purity of mind and soul and absolute bitachon.

When the Navaradok Yeshiva went into exile during the First World War, Reb Yosef Yozel's disciples succeeded — through selfless dedication and the strength of spirit imbued in them by their rebbe — in disseminating Torah to every distant part of Russia, eventually establishing forty institutions patterned on the unique mussar principles of Navaradok.

This volume presents selected writings from Rabbi Yosef Yozel's noted ethical work, Madregas HaAdam, on the obligation to draw every Jew closer to Torah.

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